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Jo Cassiers Timeline

Jo Cassiers has been working in the world of music for over 30 years now.

Especially as a Guitar player  but also as a Songwriter, Producer, Guitar teacher and Coach.

 He worked with numerous artists in inland and abroad.


Highlights are undoubtedly his Live work at Stan Van Samang where Stan filled the lotto Arena 5 times and 3 times the Sportpaleis.


But also the No 1 hit with Nathan Osmond in America, his solo guitar album Cajeune Radio, the Gretch drum tour last year, together with drummer Andy Treacey (Faithless) and bass player Neil Fairclough (Bryan May and Queen) and the cooperation with Chris Kimsey (Rolling Stone Producer) by a number of years back.


Jo has been on tour with Ellen Foley.  


Also the unforgettable encounters with some of his idols, John Scofield, Ron Wood, Steve Lukather and Joe Bonamassa.  


As a guitarist he worked and played with almost all the Belgian scene together, both as a substitute as in session context, highlights are here, the TV appearances with the last show band, including T'Lau, Daan, Adamo and Lisa Stansfield,

but other TV programs where  he was allowed to play together or work with Ozark Henry, Johan Verminnen, Soulsister, Bart Peeters, Kathleen van Haute, Freddy Bergé, Bart Kaël, Isabelle A, ... amongst others.

For Songcity he played for Jazz Musician & MD  Dirk Van Der Linden for Jeffrey's Garland, Marcel de Groot, Bart Herman, Sabine Tiels, Barbara Goghan.  Below you can read the full Bio.

Full Biography

Coming soon

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