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Highlights in Producties

 Jo Cassiers is a very dedicated producer and songwriter, and worked in the studio with many artists such as Soulbob, Barbara Dex, Valkerie, Nathan Osmond, Danaë, the corrections, Webster, Roland Vila, Nathalie Taker, Chris Kimsey, The Sketch, Wilfred After Diame, Croom, Mariona Smets, Joe Alban Bernie, Wim Soutaer, Charlie Belair, Jessy de Smet Mackenzie, Orphan, every T, Dirk Cassiers, Peter Elkins, Joeri Fransen (Idol winner), Clouseau, Kris Wauters, Peter Edwards, Spitfire, INE, Beauceron, Storm , Cass ...  


Jo is a producer who also writes songs with or for the artist,

but he has a gift when it comes down to getting the best out of an artist. Jo also helps young bands and artists to find their way. Find some highlights .

More news to come.

More to come soon

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